Tuesday, July 18, 2006

British Heatwave

This week Britain has been basking in glorious sunshine once again, and its set to reach it's peak on Wednesday, with possible record temperatures. Forecasters are predicting it could rise to over 100F/39C.
There are dangers of course as over 2,000 Brits died back in 2003 during the hot weather. But who cares about the dangers when it gets the nation topless and out in the sun?

Keep kids, old people and animals indoors and let the nations lads and lasses get their kit of for the sun!
I've been out in the park today doing my bit for Topless Britain as it's been my day off - so now it's your turn dear readers to get your kit off and enjoy the sun.................

*notice I included a topless woman in this Blog post, just to keep it all fair and balanced!!


  1. Oh I'd love being over there to see you.. I mean a lot of topless guys showing why being naked is so good. :P

  2. We're making the most of it cos for 8 months of the year our tops will be on!

  3. So enjoy the sun, boy, as much as you can... Take care though with the UVR, that can be really nasty.
    About a topless nation I must say that is a most strong image... And then, all of the sudden, I see in my mind... Tony Blair, topless too. Could this be for real? I wonder...

  4. Shouldn't that be 11.75 months of the year Robbie! You'll pleased to hear I'm also doing my bit for Topless Britten Week by riding my bike topless. It don't half save on the washing!

  5. ric - thankfully we are not likely to see a topless Tony Blair (certain job types are excluded from joining in "Topless Britain"!

    Martin - well done in joining in, your right it does save on the washing!

    I even went topless on my post round today (but i did put on my floresant tabbard, so as not to scare the customers.


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