Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top of the Pops - RETURNS!

Top of the Pops is set to return to UK screens for it's annual Christmas day special, according to newspaper reports. After being condemned to BBC2, then axed in the summer, it has continued to have support from viewers. In it's final show, almost 5 million tuned in too say "goodbye" and TOTP continued being shown around the world in 112 countries.

TOTP used to be watched by up to 17 million people in the UK, but with the advent of music television and multi channel selections, it became the victim of its own success and was cast aside by the BBC. But the return on Christmas day could make a whole new chapter as we see more and more specials, which could eventually lead to a return.

This week's UK charts are the buzz word this week as Westlife and Oasis go head to head for the #1 album position and Take That and Emma Bunton battle for the UK singles chart.


  1. OMG !! that's amazing. I have not always been able to see TOTP but about a year ago a BBC channel in Mexico called "People + Arts" started to air it and I was over the mooon, this is great because I always love downloading TOTp performnces of my fave artists + the shows is really important for a lot of people in the Uk.

  2. I used to watch it many years ago but as more channels became available, i stopped because it was shown at a bad time for me, plus they changed the day and I'd always forget it was on.

    Yet it is still my favourite music programme, pity this is going to be only a one off Christmas special - but we can hope for more in the future.

  3. Oh that's great I really hope to see TOTP as a regular show again, you're lucky mate :D


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