Sunday, November 05, 2006

Andy's Night Out

"I want to tell you a secret"
"Really, I'm shocked"
-who the hell is the girl on the left?
"I've seen the light"
It was another mad Saturday night out as we went into town and then went clubbing at Scolars, most of my pictures were too blurred to publish. But the four above give you an idea of the kind of night we had.
I could have even pulled some random girl, whom I spent quite a bit of the night dancing with. But I kept it all simple and went back home with the crew instead.


  1. The pics are nice... but where's Robmacca? :P

  2. robmacca was taking the pictures and was very drunk so forgot to get in the shots - but we have a "robmacca" blog exclusive coming this week.

  3. ohhh okok, can't wait for Robmacca blog exclusive!! :D


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