Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas Gift Ideas

If your stuck for some gift ideas, then here are a few little stocking fillers for you to laugh over:

This bad tempered sheep doesn't appear to be full of seasonal good cheer, but he is full of tasty jelly beans and costs just 2.50

Assorted Santa, Reindeer and Snowman characters that sit on top of a chunky ball-point pen, with extending lever-operated punching arms. Bizarre! (1.50)

Who says Grannies sit around playing bridge all day! The 2 speeding senior citizens race each other around the track, kept in hand (or not) by the remote controllers. Clip on barriers help prevent the old fogies from flying off, but nothing can save them if the cross over section is badly timed. Granny Racers, absurd but brilliant! (16.99)

One here for the hetro men and muff loving women among you -

A most unlikely use for iron filings, which are arranged using the magnetic wand to design different uh... well... we're sure you get the idea. Girls may like to test a new look and, perhaps, get feedback before doing anything with longer implications. The 'helpful' packaging offers suggestions including the Brazilian, the Valentine and the George Bush. (just 4.99)

Visit the store online to order yourself a catalogue or order gifts from the website:


  1. LOL huahua I find those assorted pens cool hehe and well the last gist isn't for me!! :P huahua I used to have one of those as a kid but it had the image of a cartoon man and u could style his hair

  2. It's a pity the website didn't have a "design a man's willy" game!

  3. INDEED!! huahua it would be so nice :D


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