Friday, November 10, 2006

Are You Happy With Your Life?

robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures
robmacca's wedding pictures

"Are you happy with your life" - that was the question I was asked earlier this week by a Jehovah's Witness I know. I replied "Yes" but it did get me thinking quite alot.

The pictures above are from 9years, 6 months ago to the day that I got married - and it was the best years of my life. Being married to someone so perfect and wonderful will always remain as the best time in my life. Since the divorce, we're not allowed to talk because of the religion but it still came as a shock to find out she had moved to France and is now remarried.

Part of me is really happy for her, because I truly wanted her to find happiness because she deserved it. In my life, I have chosen the path I wanted and it's a life I am happy with cos I'm being true to myself - and that's the important thing.

Yet there is a sad element to this tale - the truth is I will end up on my own, no matter what you might think.


  1. Oh Rob first of all I have to say that I'm glad you're able to talk about this; it's not easy but hey you've got a strong personality mate ;-) I really identify myself when you say that you're happy because you're being true to yourself; sometimes it seems to be hard but in the end id the best option. And hey you never know what tomorrow might bring ;-)

  2. You'll never be truly on your own! You'll always have ur mates and people who care *hugs*

    Shocked about Judith being in France *AND* remarried! Don't feel down though, stay positive about tomorrow. Always here should u wanna talk :D

    Alex x

  3. Oh wow - never seen the ex mrs macca before.

    I take my hat off to you - what you did took guts! And as Alex said, you'll never truly be on your own; lots of people care. It might be different to not having a wife/husband, but it's better than truly being on your own.

    ps - love the specs! :p

  4. Wow - thanks boys for your comments - I really didn't expect such lovely feedback.

    I wasn't sure whether to even share the subject on the Blog but glad I got it off my chest.

    Your all right when you say friends are important. :-)

  5. Hello my little angel,
    now when you told me and Justin this story you had us in stiches because it was your whole life story in a two hours flat with impressions and wedding dress fittings in between!
    Rob, you wont end up alone because I promise if we're both still single in 10 yrs time we'll get together and I'll look after you!
    Your very brave and to talk about Judith because I know how much it hurt you, but I also know it helps to talk about it. I'm only a phone call away if ever you need me darling.

    Love and hugs always

  6. So don't worry about it Rob!! You're a greta friends and even though we're miles away you know you've got a TRUE friend over here :)

  7. I feel like...
    I didn't know this. I suppose it's hard for you to remember your old days. I'm glad you're now able to talk about it, and I think I can deeply understand what you're meaning.
    Rob you're brave, and I'm glad I met you.

  8. Thanks Simon for your comment. I wouldn't change my life cos I'm happy being who I am.


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