Sunday, November 12, 2006

Simon Webbe News

Yes the talented Simon Webbe (the ex-Blue singer) is back with a new set of pictures, a new single and new album. You can see more from his Italian photoshoot on his website, hear his single "Coming Around Again" (currently #25 today) and the album "Grace" hits the shops Monday 13th November.
If it's anything like his previous album, then it's worth buying!


  1. Gosh! Simon's HOT. I really liked his first album and even though I've already downloaded "Grace" (named like that because of his mother) I haven't heard it yet. Hope it's as good as "Sanctuary"

  2. As he said on the Paul O'Grady Show last night, the 1st album sold better than anyone ever imagined. That puts alot of pressure on him as an artist to do well this time.

    I hope it does well.

  3. Oh ok, I agree with him. I just hope he's not in a Rachel Stevens case.

  4. i love simon webbe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope he does great !! (Y) xx


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