Thursday, November 23, 2006

Emma Bunton "Downtown" on ebay

I bought some copies of Emma's new CD single and popped them on ebay for 99p.
Even though I didn't need to buy any more copies, I couldn't resist getting more to help sales and for those people outside the UK - it's a chance to buy the single since it is not likely to be released worldwide.

EDIT: Two more of the 4 track CD's are on ebay until Sunday 3rd December:

4 track CD:;item%3d250055212086%26amp;ssPageName%3dADME:B:EF:UK:11


  1. Ohh that's amazing, I'd buy it but right now my dad is fed up with all my orders on :( so I'll have to wait .

  2. LOL - I'm sure you'll be able to get the album on Amazon soon.

  3. huahua hopefully!!. Yesterday I bought new GA dvd :P but I'm still a bit gutted 'cos they don't sell the special version og their GH album and I didn't get it on time

  4. Well done in getting the Girls Aloud DVD - at least you have something to watch now.

    Keep looking for the Greatest Hits album, the bonus disc version is only different versions and extra tracks etc. The GH is good even without the bonus disc.


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