Thursday, November 30, 2006

Media News

How much would you pay to show Big Brother?

A million maybe?

Well Channel 4 think it's worth alot more and will be paying the makers Endemol a whopping between 30m and 40m a year for the three future series. If ITV had entered into the bidding war - the price could have been up to 70 million pounds.

Sounds like alot but when you consider Channel 4 make about 50m each year from the show, it's a bargain!

Big Brother will be back next summer for a eighth series and auditions are expected online in the new year.
From one Channel 4 programme to another.................


Seems like Channel 4 like paying out, because Charlotte Church has been paid 1.2m for a second series of her Friday night chat show. It's so much, that Charlotte is taking a break from making music and has parted company with her record compant Sony/BMG to focus on TV and her new book. It has nothing to do with poor recent album sales of course!
Glad that Charlotte will be back on our screens in 2007.
From one musician to another.................


Girl's Aloud singer Sarah Harding, has said she wouldn't be doing any nude pictures EVER. She may be the new face of Scottish underwear Ultimo but she said:
"I would never do anything seedy like that. I am not a glamour model. I'm not a prude and don't mind stripping to a bikini but I wouldn't sit there legs akimbo full frontal. Not even for a million quid."

From one naked star - well actually, maybe not!


  1. LOL first of all I must say you're a naked star ;) huahua I'm glad Charlotte's doing another season of her show, I really like her "POP" album hehe.


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