Friday, November 17, 2006

Attempted Break In

It's all a bit strange, but I had to report some criminal damage to the police today - after it appears someone either tried to break in or smashed the glass in my front door on purpose.
What is really weird is the attack happened in broad daylight sometime between 10:45 and Midday.

There was no object left behind following the breaking of the glass and it's just totally baffled me as to why someone would do such a thing. I'd got home from work at 10:45 and normally would be in the living room unwinding, but today I was really tired so went to my bedroom instead. Then my house mate arrived home at midday and told me the news. He asked me if I had pissed anyone off - but I can't think of anyone.

I wonder if it is connected to the dog poo that seems to be making it's way on the path outside my house (normally no dog poo EVER, now about 4 different poop's in a matter of weeks - have I got a Phantom Pooh Person as well or am I just over excited?)

Anyway, I logged the damaged window with the police and now got to wait to get the window replaced - might take til Tuesday! It's another expense I could have done without................


After losing out on sleep Friday sorting the window out, then sorting it out Saturday after work as well. I decided to buy a whole new front door, with glass at the top and with extra security - which is going to cost a small fortune but made more sense than just repairing glass and still being at risk.

The surprise in all of this has been how someone would try and break in so openly. It was broad daylight and in full public view and there really isn't anything in my house worth stealing - unless they like Girls Aloud or the Spice Girls!


  1. I didn't do it.

    but seriously - hope it hasn't shaken you up? that's terrible!

  2. wow that's weird,I hope it doesn't happen again. Hope everything's ok.

  3. It's most probable that someone elbowed the glass in an attempt to break in, which would have been scary cos I was in bed at the time. But thankfully the toughened glass stopped the whole pane falling out.

    More annoyed at the cost (£160 excess) - which is like working 3 days for nothing! Grrrrrrr!

    Can things get much worse?

  4. Gosh that's so unfair!! maybe u can ask your flatmate for some bucks so that both of you can pay it.

  5. It's not the responsibility of my housemate to pay up - it's mine!
    He has already offered but I won't accept anything off anyone.

    I'm just about to edit the Blog and give an update...........

  6. P.S - they can get worse........

    My 10 year old video recorder has stopped working!


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