Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Dirge of the Soul

The battle of the brain is hard to explain,
A war of extremes.
The conflicts inside that only you understand,
Go un-noticed by the world.
An emotional high, a depressing low,
Where do you hide from the world?

The world sucks your energy like a vampire on blood,
The people around drain your life force so effortlessly.
Your dreams get shattered and replaced by nightmares,
Who would be bothered and who really cares?
You hang on for dear life in a storm,
But in the end you drown.

Drowning in a pool of depression, a sea of despair,
No hope for the future or rescue from reality.
The sun will not shine on your darkest day,
Rain and wind will lead you to the grave.
Your outlook is bleak, the curtain falls,
The show is over for all the fools.

A Dirge of the Soul
by robmacca.

1 comment:

  1. WOW that's an amzing one Rob, I really support you. Sometimes you seem to get lost in your nightmares which replace your dreams :S and also as you say the show is over for the fools. You've taught me how to avoid being one of them.


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