Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Melanie C HMV Pictures

1. Melanie C performs Northern Star and other songs from the new DVD.
2. Melanie treats the crowd to several more songs and thanks fans from all over the world.
3. Mel and the band perform "When Your Gone"
4. Melanie signs copies of her new DVD

5. robmacca and Melanie C
Melanie C was back in Oxford Street, London promoting her very first LIVE DVD. Several hundred fans turned up and waited patiently outside in the cold, but it was worth it once we got inside. Then we were treated to a live set - Northern Star, First Day of Your Life, I Turn To You and When Your Gone.
Then Melanie signed copies of the DVD for everyone and we were each allowed to have our picture taken with Melanie. I was in the first batch so got done quite early (my goodness, how nervous was I - my first picture WITH Melanie instead of from a distance!) but when I popped into HMV, almost 2 hours later - Mel was STILL signing for the fans.
It's been quite a Spice Girls week in the UK this week- First Emma Bunton on Strictly Come Dancing, then Victoria Beckham attracting a massive crowd for her book signing at Selfridges and finally Melanie C bringing HMV to a halt for her DVD signing - 10 years and we still have Girl Power!


  1. congrats dad!

    melanie is always so sweet to her fans

    take care and look up for mom. :P

  2. It must've been a nice experience; you were lucky to be the first one ;)

  3. I wasn't THE first one, I was in the first batch/line to go through.
    It was nice seeing so many familiar faces that day.

  4. ohh ok soz I thought you were the first one but it's still nice that were abe to meet her.


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