Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Royal Mail Christmas Stamps

Royal Mail have launched this year's Christmas stamps and have already caused a storm with religious leaders once again. In 2005 it was Hindu leaders who were offended at the stamps showing a Hindu artist's interpretation of Christianity's Madonna and child scene. This time the Church of England are moaning because this years stamps have no "Christian" theme. Royal Mail said it alternated its designs between religious and non-religious cards each year.


  1. The stamps are really nice; I love the third one, snow men rock!!

  2. I'm still using last years stamps Royal Mail gave us

  3. very nice

    ...mind i guess i can see why the CofE have a point, after all, it is *royal* mail

  4. I normally would agree but why should the stamps be religious every year?

    As RM have said, it's every other year they run a religious theme


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