Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Girls Aloud Sarah in her Underwear!

Here's a new picture of Sarah Harding, from The Sun - it seems like robmacca has set off a new trend of people posting pictures in their underwear!
Sarah in her first photoshoot for lingerie line Ultimo, has certainly been busy lately and has been celebrating Girls Aloud success this week as the group went straight in at #1 with their Greatest Hits album.


  1. LOL why not posting pics of Robbie Williams in his undies? I mean he was no.1 in the album chart last week :P just joking. I think she looks nice but I don't like her make up, her cheeks are too rosed :P. It's good to know she's also haveinmg some media deals besides GA, I remember reading that she took part of a film a few weeks ago and now she's done this saucy photoshoot.

  2. Robbie seems to be on the way out now ,as his album was easily removed from the #1 spot by Girls Aloud - something which wouldn't have happened a few years ago.

    There are lots of pics of Robbie in underwear on the net already..........

  3. LOL okok that's true, and besides that Robmacca's pics are way better :)


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