Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Need A War!

We need a war in Britain for these reasons:

  1. Reduce Unemployment - after the war there would be a jobs boom as we rebuild the country.
  2. Higher Wages - the skills shortage will push up wages.
  3. Reduce Illegal Immigration - let's face it, who's going to come here with a war going on?!
  4. Exciting New Buildings - with the old one's gone, it can only get better!
  5. Community Relations - will improve as we all get closer in our time of crisis.
  6. National Pride - the nation will be proud again.
  7. Solve Housing Shortage - with thousands dead, houses will become available. Might even bring the prices down...........
  8. Reduce Pension Crisis - again, with thousands dying, it will reduce the pensions problem.
  9. Baby Boom - suddenly the nation will get horny and lots of babies will be born.
  10. Winner - finally Britain could win something for a change.

OK, I know this all sounds stupid - but I'd been thinking about some of the problems it would "solve" to go to war. This war would have to be fought either in Britain to add to the impact.


  1. Interesting take! However, that'd work if only wars were inexpensive! Given that they aren't all those measures cited cannot be accomplished with empty coffers.

  2. Seemed to work after WWII - OK, there might be rasioning for a few years but it would be worth it!

  3. The weaponry used during WWII wasn't as 'evolved' ( hehe) as it is today. Post 'this' war we may be left with very little to rebuild. An interesting thought,nevertheless.

  4. True, I'm just basing my little fantasy based on WWII.

    If we had a war now, I doubt there would be much of a society left.


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