Friday, April 21, 2006

The Queen at 80

"I have been very touched by what you have written and would like to express my gratitude" - The Queen.

Her Majesty the Queen turned 80 today, and it was nice to see crowds outside Windsor Castle as she did a 45 minute walkabout Palace said the Queen had received 20,000 cards and 17,000 e-mails - sent via her 80th-birthday website.

What ever your views on the Royal family are, I think moments like these make it special. Even though she's 80 years old, the Queen will continue serving the nation until her death. Just as she promised to do 53 years ago when she became monarch.

It was touching to see a warm message from Baroness Thatcher who said:

"She is truly an inspiration and an example to the whole nation. Long may she rule. Happy Birthday Ma'am"


  1. haha - i saw the queen on her birthday!


  2. Git!

    How did you get back online??

    I've not seen the Queen since the Golden Jubilee.


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