Friday, April 07, 2006

Night out with friends

1. Kev and Kully get closer
2. Could it be love?
3. Paul and Nana become friends
4. The crew

I went out with some of my friends the other week -
Paul: who I've worked with for the past 10 years at Royal Mail.
Nana: Kev's girlfriend, who I've known for over 10 years.
Kev: worked together in the early 90's and stayed friends even though he lives in London.
Kully: worked along side Kev and I, still meet up once in a while for a great night out!

Time may pass but true friendships stand the test of time, as a recent night out with some of my best friends has shown. It was the first time Paul had met the other three but that didn't matter as all got on so well.
It was good to see my other close friends Andy and Kelly, who joined us later that evening.

For me, my friends mean so much because my parents are not around - I know I can rely on my friends in times of need. So a big shout out to those listed above and the many who are not mentioned but I really value.

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