Friday, April 14, 2006

Talk To God.................

Bored Website
I've replaced the Spanking Monkey cos the noise was getting on my nerves everytime I opened up the Blog. If you still want to spank it, just click the "Hot Topics" on the right and you'll find it !
Meanwhile, try this quieter more spiritual bit of fun. Have a chat with God and you'll be amazed just how much he knows!


  1. I had a small chat with Him... though we didn't really talk about much. ;)

  2. I'm shocked Angie, if ANYONE were to "talk to God" - I'd of thought it would have been you.

    It's a fun little programme though and I was surprised at how well "God" reacts to the comments I typed in.

    We had a good long chat........... although I was a bit rude!


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