Sunday, April 23, 2006

St George's Day!

Today (23rdApril) is St George's Day here in England and there is a growing sense of passion in our country to see the day celebrated. For too long we have sat back and done nothing to celebrate the patron Saint of England but we are finally waking up and becoming proud of all the good things England has to offer. This is different from being racist, which has often been thought of when we have an England or Union Jack flag.
Celebrating all that is English includes freedom of choice and freedom of religion, it includes the diversity we enjoy as a culture and the way of life we are privileged to have in this country.
Then of course we have our national icons such as Big Ben, English tea, Red phone boxes and red post boxes, the British mini, the Royal Family, the English countryside, scones, Yorkshire puddings, Shakespeare and so the list goes on and on............

Visit : for a brief history on Saint George.


  1. isn't it as shame that this day isn't as promoted as St Patrick's

  2. I know!
    But it's up to everyone to try and do something, hence my text messages to my friends wishing them a "Happy st. Georges Day".
    I think the city council here have a special St Georges event on as well.
    Plus it's nice to see special programmes on TV.

    I think we will start to see more and more events as English people finally start to see we have much to celebrate.

    If the Irish can have a drink for St Patricks Day, then so can we for St Georges Day - afterall us Brits love a drink..........

    * Ben should know more than anyone!

  3. the list really goes on and on...
    "Happy st. Georges day".
    I don't know what happens in Europe 'cos everytime that a country celebrate something about national icons (heroes or something) people think is racism.
    In Sweeden you can even wear a sweedish flag in ur bag without being called "racist".

  4. It's a strange link made between patriotism and racism as,whilst it might be true that most racists claim to be patriots, the reverse is certainly not the case.I only really feel comfortable celebrating my own heritage when I'm an ex-pat (as I am) away from home for this very reason.


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