Monday, April 17, 2006

Danish Easter

Hello folks, it's been a busy few days, lots of alcohol and lots of food. On Easter Sunday I spent time with my good friends Torben and Simon, who had some Danish friends staying over the holidays. So we had a proper Danish Easter - I had food I'd never tried before.
I love experimenting with new things, and this Easter has been a good example of that.
Back to work tomorrow, so back to a more normal routine. I need to get posting to get fitter again and cut out the alcohol................


  1. Danish food...I'm intrigued. So what kind of food does that entail?

  2. There was rye bread and smoked mackeral, some curried fish things erm....... lots of pork and fish and pate.
    Just to wash it down, was some ice cold schnapps. The guys really put alot of work into it.

    Nice to have "real" food for a change.

  3. Considering it sounds so good, that must have been a gustatory delight!


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