Wednesday, April 12, 2006


This blog entry is dedicated to teachers all over the world! To Pete in Australia, Susan in Canada and Ben and James in the UK....................

I was delivering on a post round and delivered to my old tutor and biology teacher from my secondary school. This got my mind thinking, and I started to feel really grateful for the hard work and dedication such teachers show over the years.

As an infant/junior pupil I was a nightmare because I had behaviour problems, which meant I rebelled against authority. Yet it was the loving care of my teachers from my secondary school that helped me grow up and respect authority. I have a lot of tales I could tell about the little extra things my teachers did for me as a poor pupil and at the time I was unable to repay such kindness.

Today I was able to show how grateful I am, in a small way by writing a card and buying a bunch of flowers for my old teacher. She may have gone grey but I'm sure she would have lost none of the zest she had when I was a pupil.

As I've got older I now realize that teachers often do a thankless job, which is harder now than ever before. Yet they provide a vital part of shaping the nation they teach in. I can confidently say my life has been made better because teachers gave me inspiration to reach my potential. If it were not for their care and love my life could have taken a dire course.

So if your a teacher reading this - be encouraged to know your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, even if at most times it goes unrewarded. You are helping to shape lives for the future and that is so precious.


  1. aww - thank you, but really mr macca...your grammar :p

  2. In Korea, they have an official 'Teachers Day' every year (forgotten the exact date) where the little darlings buy teacher gifts and the older Uni' students take professor to lunch / dinner. Isn't that a nice touch?

  3. We don't have anything like that as far as I'm aware.

    As for you Ben............... bite my bum! :-P Grammer, humbug!

  4. Thanks for those wonderful words!
    We aspire to make a meaningful difference.


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