Monday, April 10, 2006

France - Youth Job Law Scrapped

I've never been to France, and being British - the relationship between the two countries has never been good. But I am proud of the French young people for standing up against the proposed Youth Job Law (First Job Contract). The law would have meant that French youths (18-26 yrs old) could have been sacked from their job and would mean they could do nothing about it.

Instead of sitting back and allowing it to become law, the young people of France rose up and stood together as one shouting "Noi!" Weeks of strikes and protests has caused the President to back down and announce that the proposed law was now dead.

I've been following the story as closely as I can over the weeks and I'm full of pride for the victory the young people of France have won. They spoke out and made a difference, which is what democracy is all about. I like the French way of doing things - the unions have a lot more power over there and have defended the rights of the lower paid for many years.

Over here in Britain we have lower unemployment and a more flexible workforce, according to the Government - but at what cost?
It is at the cost of the lower paid, who's working conditions and pay is under constant attack. Had the British Government introduced such a law here, the British youth population would have just moaned but accepted it.

Well done to the French youth!


  1. i so love the french - mainly due to a mutual wank in a wooden shed in a french forest whilst on a foreign exchange program.

  2. I really hate France, but I like the way of doing things.
    We all have rights, and it's our duty to defend them.
    Bye bye Rob.

  3. Now that's what i call diversity............ two very different opinions!

    Trust you x3l to have such an amusing story up your sleeve. I like your style!

  4. Standing up for your rights is absolutely the right thing to do and so is peaceful protesting. The French youth have done well.
    However, as far as strong worker unions go...sometimes they hinder the economic progress of countries as is often seen in democracies such as India. In fact the pendulum often swings to the other extreme and the opressed becomes the oppressor. We'll wait and watch what happens in France as a result of the law being rescinded. It's not like the Socialist party that is jubilant about the humiliation of Chirac has another model to offer in order to modernize the labor market, an absolute essential if France has to be globally competitive.

  5. Well done to the French Youth,

    Its often difficult to stand up for what you believe in.

    Unions in this country still have some sway but are only as influential and powerful as their members involvement.


  6. I agree with both active Union membership but also with Union's that work WITH business rather than oppose every change.


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