Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Busy Bee!

Hello Folks!

Sorry it's a bit dull on here this week - it's been hectic as I've got a new house mate who moved in on Sunday/Monday and I've been working nights, as well as days. On top of that I'm out every evening this week catching up with my friends.

Last week was just the opposite kind of week, but that's just how it goes!

I might get to sleep at some point..............................


  1. Tell me more about the new house mate! You don't sound too keen? Or maybe you're in denial - :-)

  2. It's been really good having my best work mate move in.

    We get on so well and it makes a change to have a housemate I know. It's a pity I've been working so much at work cos I had to cancel going out for a drink with my housemate tonight as I'm starting work @ midnight.
    Gotta work through til about midday tomorrow then we're all out for my bosses leaving drink and then out later in the evening before going back to work about 4am Saturday morning.

    Thank goodness it's a Bank Holiday weekend - I'll be able to finally get online and do "house" things!

    So to sum up ............ my housemate looks like he'll turn out to be my favourite all time housemate.

    I'll update asap.


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