Thursday, April 06, 2006

Deal or No Deal Game

It's 00:34 and I'm still up, OK so I got up at just before 20:00 and have been busy clearing out my old "Spice" room (it's all gone folks!). I've been distracted by the online version of "Deal or no Deal". If your a UK viewer of this nightly show (3.7m of you will know what I mean!) - then the game link above will have you hooked as well.


  1. To the online game or the TV programme

  2. i was referring to the online game that you brought to my attention

    but i love the show too...did you see Marcus a few weeks ago? lmao...

  3. Bless ya!

    Marcus was one of the funniest on the show - I found him quite watchable.
    Alot of them annoy me and I'm quite glad when they lose out cos I'm evil like that!

    Glad your enjoying the game though Ben!


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