Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm No Cook!

Those that know me well - know I'm a product of modern society, when it comes to cooking. OK, truth be known................ I'm just plain lazy and want my meals ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

But last night I was faced with the challenge of cooking for my friends Andy and Kelly, who wanted something a bit more than just pasta and processed chicken.

I was making a chicken korma with rice, nann bread and poppadom's. I managed to over cook the rice and so it went stodgy, while tending to that, I burnt 2 of the nann breads. On top of that I didn't buy any chutney to go with the poppadom's.
Thankfully the korma was really tasty with added mini tomatoes, cucumber and chopped carrots so it was worth experimenting.

Next time I'll know better, now where is my processed food?!


  1. I used to buy a couple of chicken curries from the local takeaway (complete with Nan bread & rice!) and put into a pan with extra chicken breast. I also made sure that the chicken breast packet and a few strategically placed items were plain for all to see on arrival.....oh such deception!

  2. great that atleast u made somthing tasty...with hardships...its ok.

    Any way try next time I know u would make it really you know..Practice Makes Man Perfect.

  3. Thanks guys for your comments.

    Leone - I think I might just get them a takeaway next time, its alot less effort and will mean its easier to clean up!
    Not too sure I could get a takeaway and pretend I'd made it myself..... they know me too well!

    Nasir - Thanks for visiting and commenting. I will indeed have to try next time, as practice makes perfect.

    Today I'm going to cook just for myself and it will be something simple............


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