Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's New On "robmaccaEXTRA"

-On the tube with robmacca

If you haven't had a chance to checkout "robmaccaEXTRA" lately, then your missing out on all the stories that couldn't be squeezed into "robmacca's entertainment news" blog.

So far this month on robmaccaEXTRA :

1. A drunken rowdy night out in London to see The Enemy with a funny drunk video.
- The Enemy My Drunken Astoria Gig Story

2. Jaguar and Land Rover to be sold off and robmacca has his say.
- Goodbye Jaguar, Goodbye Land Rover

3. Videos of The Enemy crowd in Birmingham during and after the gig.
- The Enemy Crowds In Birmingham

4. New robmacca haircut pictures in black and white.
- robmacca Haircut Pictures

5. Extra pictures of The Late Starters, Half of Nothing and The Cougars performing.
- Kapow! Coventry EXTRA Pictures

6. Melanie C black and white pictures from her Mean Fiddler gig.
- Melanie C Mean Fiddler Pictures

7. Melanie C gig videos from the gig.
- Melanie C Mean Fiddler Videos

Plenty of stuff over there on "robmaccaEXTRA" and more EXTRA stories, pictures and videos to come in the coming days. Right time to get ready for another drunken fun night out watching some local bands.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh for an unknown reason I forgot about Robmacca extra but thanks for this reminder.. I'm checking it right now ;).. I'm curious about the hair pics


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