Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kapow@ The Phoenix, Coventry

Thursday night was live music night in the shape of Kapow! @ The Phoenix (formally known as Campbell's) with three bands The Late Starters, "Band of the Week" - Half of Nothing and The Cougars. A night of talent, making Kapow! well worth a visit in Coventry. Sadly, it was rather like a school disco that finished just as you were getting into it. The bands performance was faultless and by the end you were raring to let it all out, yet sadly The Phoenix closed at midnight..........

First up were new band "The Late Starters", featuring amongst other wonderful and talented people members of The Sequins in their first public performance as The Late Starters. The lead singer being more used to playing bass guitar previously was now lead on vocals and guitar and slotted into the role very nicely.

Second up were our 'Band of the Week' - "Half of Nothing", a great bunch of lads who proved to be friendly before and after the performance. From the dedicated beats of drummer Alex to the rather addictive moves of band member Rob as he moshed away on stage, they brought us a set worthy of praise. Looking forward to seeing them again at the Colly on the 23rd June.

Last but by no means least , "The Cougars" were the stars of the night, having travelled all the way across from Cambridge on the recommendation of The Ripps. This band,with Ashley Read on lead vocals had a stage presence like no other. The stage was awash with beer and water by the time Ashley had finished knocking over his drinks, but well worth it for the entertainment value. Punk music has never sounded so good, with an inspired SexPistols set fitting for 2007. Along side this, The Cougars played a song inspired from their previous visit to Coventry entitled "You Having A Good Time", a fast and furious song about a night out at The Colosseum. If there is one band that deserve a record deal then my award would go to The Cougars!

- robmacca and nino enjoying the night at Kapow! - The Phoenix, Coventry.

*All pictures are thanks to nino for letting me share them.

*See my pictures from the night at robmaccaEXTRA


  1. I'm going to have to send you some Korean music to review!!

    Interesting to hear what you make of it - what do you think?

  2. I'm sure that would be "different"

    Prob be a load of shite, but different!



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