Friday, June 08, 2007

Melanie C Mean Fiddler London Gig Review

Melanie C gave her loyal fans a real treat this week with a gig that reminded all in attendence exactly why she is one of the UK's most successful female singer. While most of the British press seem to ignore her, Europe seems to adore her and this could have been the inspiration for her latest album "This Time". Many had flown over from Europe to be at this only UK date, which was showcasing tracks from the album.

"Your only as good as your last song", so the saying goes but if this had been the case then "I Want Candy" could have been the nail in the coffin for Melanie, judging the reaction when it was released. But Melanie C is made of stronger stuff, after all she's from Liverpool!

The fans had also given the new album a luke warm reception when it was released at the start of April because it was so mellow comparied to the rock/pop of "Beautiful Intentions".

An angelic Melanie C performing in London

If Wednesday's gig is anything to go by, then it is far from over for Melanie C as she gave a worthy performance in front of the noisy crowds. Some had been queuing for over 12 hours - even though they didn't need too, some threw toys and flags on stage - showing their admiration for a woman who has influenced their lives. There were also knickers and a rather large bra thrown in Mel's direction, which she took in good humour. Pointing out that she didn't have enough boobs to fill the bra, Melanie said "I wish". The knickers were thrown back into the audience as Melanie joked that they could have been around from a previous venue gig and worn by some hot and sweaty rocker.

The most interesting "present" of the evening came in the form of ticker tape confetti exploding onto stage at just the right moment during one of the tracks. The audience thought it was part of the show, Melanie was so impressed with the fans surprise gift that she invited the one who arranged it, to come on tour with her. Commenting on the confetti explosion, she said: "it was f**king brillient, I'm well impressed".

Meanwhile back to the tracks sung at the gig, and fans fears were laid to rest with some belters from the past launching the evenings proceedings. There was something for everyone and what was especially praiseworthy is the way Melanie weaved in the new material from "This Time".
It has given the album a whole new meaning now as Melanie's performance was anything but mellow. Tracks such as "Understand" and "Forever Again" were sung with such gusto and a sincere love for performing live. Yet Melanie was still able to prove she was human during "What If I Stay", when she made a mistake and apoligised to those present. Here stood a woman idolised by her loyal fans, yet proving she is also fragile.

The new single "Carolyna" is released in the UK on Monday 18th June 2007.

robmacca's pictures from the gig can be seen >>>HERE<<<
robmacca's videos from the gig can be seen >>>HERE<<<


  1. I'm glad u enjoyed it, I'm sureit was an amazing show, I love Carolyna!

  2. Glad you had a good time - and you got Home too - woooo!

  3. actually, i've just done a little ode to your blog by doing a Spice post on my blog - exciting stuff ;)

  4. I'll be over to check the blog out in a mo.

    As for "Home" - not a fav of mine!


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