Monday, June 18, 2007

Kombat Breakers Arive Home In Coventry

Yeah, the "Kombat Breakers" arrived back about 15:30, fresh from their week long stint on ITV's "Britain's Got Talent". Saw some people from the local media and I think I saw some of the Kombat Breakers but I'd just been walking for 4hrs and 20mins and had a stonking headache so was in no mood for taking pictures, sorry!

Here's a picture of the lads from the ITV website:

Since losing out in the final last night, major job offers have already started pouring in for the city street dancers after they showcased their talents before millions of television viewers.

The lads publicly thanked all their friends, family and supporters in Coventry live on national television and said "The level of support from everyone has been amazing."

Like them, then add their MySpace Link.

Random robmacca fact: Toke'n used to come around my house cos he was mates with an old housemate of mine and was often topless! He's still on my MSN list........

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  1. Oh it must've been nice to have that guy around while he was topless :P hehe you might talk to him on MSN anytime :P


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