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Band of the Week: Half of Nothing


Half of Nothing have already had a busy start to the year, launching their new MySpace and official website as well as gaining a new bassist, James Abley and management team.

It’s like a fairy tale as Alex Lee (vocals and guitar) and James Abley (bass) were school friends who began the song writing process whilst they were at secondary school but became separated when Alex went on to study music composition at Coventry Uni. James went on to study music technology at Staffordshire Uni and it seemed the dream could be over. But Alex met Rob Colcombe (guitar), Phil Cox (drums) while at Cov Uni and the sound began to be formulated.

Three years later, Half of Nothing made it past the lectures and alcohol fuelled nights, and committed full time to performing. It was at this point James was able to come back into the fold as bassist and complete the fairy tale.

Time in the studio paid off as they revealed their new tunes last month, along with a host of live dates in Coventry and right across the region. They play aggressive pop, with lyrics that speak the universal subjects of life and love. “The music is played with the raw emotion that has been missing from pop music for the last twenty years.”, according to their website and band member James.

Coventry band, Half of Nothing - Alex, Phil, Bobby and James

The 15 Question Interview:

1. When did Half of Nothing form?

James: The band became a proper band at the beginning of the year when the 'classic' line up was completed.

2. Which artists have influenced your lives?

Phil: Dali, Monet, Van Gough, Bowie.

3. What’s the best thing about COV?

Alex: The randomness. If you leave the house for ten minutes you can come back with a story. Maybe not a good story but a story nonetheless.

Phil: The ice gem statue outside The Varsity.

Rob: Coventry Building Society.

4. Name your favourite albums of all time?

Phil: The Holy Bible - Manic Street Preachers, Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake - Small Faces, Up The Bracket - The Libertines and Friendly Fire - Sean Lennon.

Rob: 100 Broken Windows - Idlewild, Everyone Into Position - Oceansize and Friendly Fire - Sean Lennon.

Alex: Hard Days Night - Beatles, Camelot In Smithereens - Peter Bruntnell, JJ72 - JJ72, Waiting Rooms -Simon Warner and Friendly Fire - Sean Lennon. I could make you a tape if that would be easier!

James: Enema of The State - Blink 182 (?????), Affirmation - Savage Garden. Anything but Sean Lennon!

5. What do you think about the COV music scene at the moment?

Alex: So many good bands not enough venues for them all.

Rob: Best in the Midlands, better than Leicester ;-)

6. What has been your favourite gig venue?

James: The Colly.(The Colosseum)

Phil: The Cross, you’ve got to support the local scene, and The Chestnut Tree in Sheldon.

7. Which is better - Costa Del Sol or Costa Del COV?

Phil: Isn’t Sol a larger?

Alex: Let’s not be stupid, it’s all about the Costa Del Sol as much as I love COV.

Rob: Nothing beats the Coventry sea side!

8. There has been talk of a Hollywood style “stars of Coventry” in Priory Place - What one person would you put there first?

Phil: Annie (Golden Cross)

James: Patch Ripp (The Ripps)

9. Who would you duet with, if you had the opportunity?

Alex: Meat Loaf.

Rob: Avril Lavigne (she could be my girlfriend!).

10: What’s the craziest thing that has happened in the band?

Phil: It’s just one long crazy ride.

James: It’s just one long headache. But getting paid a hundred pounds for an encore was good.

Alex: Letting Rob in!

11. Who’s your favourite superhero?

James: Bat think.

Phil: Catmandoo.

Rob: Alex.

Alex: Ninja Bee.

12: If you had unlimited power, what would be the first thing you would do?

Phil: Put the kettle on.

Alex: Rest on my laurels.

13. Where would you like to be in a years time?

James: Canada.

Alex: Anywhere away from Phil.

Phil: With the rest of the band in one place.

Rob: Top Of The Pops.

14. Give us your ‘Tip of the Year’.

Phil: The 3:30 at Ascot.

Rob: Don’t let Phil take you to a gay club.

James: Stay clear of Phil or wear protection.

Phil: Don’t listen to rumours. Fleetwood Mac are rubbish.

15. What plans lie ahead for the band?

Phil: Sex, drugs and sausage rolls.

Rob: A record deal, s’il vous plait.

Alex: Sleep.............

Coming Up:

Half of Nothing gig dates:

June 5th -The Tardebigge, Redditch, Midlands
June 7th - Kapow at the Phoenix , COVENTRY
June 23rd - Colosseum, supporting The Rrrrs’ E.P Launch, COVENTRY
June 29th - The Hibernian, Birmingham
June 30th - Bands at the Bungalow, Birmingham


Half of Nothing MySpace -

Half of Nothing Website -

Facebook "Coventry Music Scene" Group -

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  1. great! another one for the list ;) I think it's nice that local bands can really get to relase their music... in the end that's what they like to do


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