Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Victoria Beckham and Nas - "Full Stop" Track

Victoria Beckham is back with a new track "Full Stop", which features US rapper Nas and you can hear it here on "robmacca's entertainment news". The leaked track has come just days before the Spice Girls press conference (tomorrow), where some important details will be released about an expected "World Tour".

Victoria (Posh) had previously abandoned her music career after the press seemed to write off everything she did. But could Nas provide the needed street cred to get Mrs Beckham back up that musical ladder - time will tell.

Have a listen and leave a comment................


  1. i love VB tracks - it's my secret indulgence

  2. This is an old song from 2002/2003 recording session. It leaked last year in September.

    And offcourse that's not Nas. lol.

  3. There seems to be alot of conflicting stories surrounding this - I actually think your right. It would have been very unusual for Victoria Beckham to have released a new track now.

    It's more likely to have been recorded at the time she was working with Damon Dash and part of the album that never made it as a release because Telstar went bankrupt.


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