Friday, June 08, 2007

The Ripps - "Holiday"

The Ripps single "Holiday" is out on Monday and I've made a little picture collection below and used some funky programme that has made them look really good. Have a look by clicking the box below. Let me know what you think.........

This is the best "Holiday" for 79p on the planet and available from HMV Download

You can also pre-order The Ripps new single "Holiday" on CD for the bargin price of £1.99 from HMV online

The 7" single release of "Holiday" is £2.99.

Why not just upgrade and go for the whole "package deal" and order The Ripps album "Long Live The Ripps" for just £6.99 from those nice chaps at HMV who will sort you out.

Don't get stuck on a donkey ride or have your head in the sand this summer, "Holiday" is the perfect track to play at home or abroad from Coventry heroes The Ripps. The single is released Monday 11th June 2007

1 comment:

  1. I must admit I like this song, it's really catchy. I know it'll sound weird but I can really imagine you singing this song mate.


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