Thursday, April 26, 2007

MySpace Band of the Month - "KOLO"

Myspace seems to be one band after another clambering for our attention with requests and adverts - so it makes a refreshing change when a band like Kolo come along offering something for free. Even better that it's a real CD that they deliver it to you.

When it arrived,I popped the very professional looking CD in and carried on running my bath, to be honest I could hardly remember which band it was at the start because I've had so many added lately. Initially I turned the volume down when it first started playing "Wait a Minute Honey" because it had some weird special effects going on in the background but by the end of the first track my attention was captured.

Then as soon as the catchy introduction of "Lamb & Flag" started, I immediately remembered the bright orange MySpace site. The lyrics "You've had six pints down the Lamb and Flag,and now you want to hear my voice" get right inside and capture your ears attention. The CD goes on to better that tune with "I Bet Your Lonely Mad Clive", a 80's electro mix meets The Kooks.

By the time "Headache" came on, I had to get out the bath and start the CD again because I wanted to hear all the tracks again while I soaked lazily. So it was a while before I heard the simple, yet classically apt - "night out on the piss" anthem being belted out by Kolo. "The Return of Jonny Boy" belongs in a movie, something along the lines of "Shallow Grave". The tune is not only great but the lyrics are classic: "I live to live another day and I fought to gain my revenge. So I went to the nearest D.I.Y, the man in the shop thought I was raving mad". You sense a great storyline here unfolding as the track plays.

Kolo are the "MySpace Band of the Month", not because they sent me a free CD - but because that CD was bloody good. I've played it over and over and can honestly say it's better than many CD's I've actually bought. This is their second EP and they have a single coming out on Monday 11th June called "Lou Reed Scared Man", which will be available to download for as little as 79p. It would be fantastic to see these lads from Exeter break into the UK charts and reach a wider audience than the 8859 friends on their MySpace. They have restored my faith in MySpace bands, proving that real talent does exist and needs to get snapped up by the record labels.


  1. WOW they sent you a free CD that's great, good to know you ejoyed it. I think that the guy that's pointing on the 1st pic is gorgeous hehe

  2. Hi Rob
    Have you heard of this blog 'tagging' lark? I've just 'tagged' you - pop over to my place if you're interested.

    Have a great weekend!

    Leone xx

  3. It means I've 'tagged' you to post about what is at the end of my post - "your most embarassing / humorous" sexual experience. The postman always knocks twice and all that.

    Anyway, faining ignorance doesn't let you off the hook oh simple yet wise one!!

    Leone xx

  4. Oh - I will have to look into it!

    Me dear, sex dear......... how very dare you..............


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