Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Enemy - Away From Here

It's an important week for Coventry music as local lads "The Enemy" release their first chart eligible single "Away From Here". The group have been touring up and down the country and this week they will be performing in Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Northampton and finally a sell out gig in Coventry. The Enemy will also be performing at HMV Coventry on Thursday (5pm), hopefully this time the licence has been approved!

The Enemy have also been featured on TV over the weekend on Sky's "Soccer AM"
and on Fridays "Transmission" over on Channel 4. The album is out on July 2nd, entitled "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" and is available for £7.99 on pre-order at HMV .We'll have more news on that nearer the time. Look out later in the week as robmacca tries to get some exclusive photo's of The Enemy.

See "Away From Here" video below:

Coventry's music scene is buzzing at the moment as local group The Ripps announced the next single to be released from their acclaimed album will be "Holiday", an upbeat quirky single full of summer sunshine.The album is also being released this week in Australia. Watch this space for more news about The Ripps.

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  1. A sould out gig!! that's quite nice, it must be quite nice for them to know that. I hope they carry on like this for more time, I'm not a fan but at least if a "real" group.


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