Monday, April 02, 2007

Melanie C's "Final" Album?

Is this the final album by Melanie C?

The long awaited 4th solo album has been released today, but may well be the last, as 33 year old former Spice Girl changes direction once again. The album "This Time" has a much more mellow feel about it compared to the harder rock sound of her last album "Beautiful Intentions" but will fail to capture a notable place in the UK Album chart this coming Sunday - just as Emma Bunton's "Life in Mono" found out in December 2006.

New "softer" sounding album.

While both Melanie and Emma's album's have an "easy listening" feel to them, they are a far cry from the poptastic sounds of the Spice Girls 10 years ago. It seems that while Melanie has matured and moved on with her sounds, sadly so have her fans and the buying public. "This Time" will indeed do better in Europe, as did her last album but robmacca is predicting this is the final album we are going to see from the solo Spice Girl era and Melanie C will almost certainly go down that road of motherhood thus focusing more on family life with her long term partner, Thomas Starr.

Sexy new feminine look.

All credit to Melanie C for hanging in the music industry - she survived long beyond the Spice Girls and went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide with her "Northern Star" album, Melanie has become one of the UK's most successful female artists by co-writing eleven #1's. The second solo album "Reason" went on to sell 500,000 copies worldwide but Virgin records were not happy and Melanie C parted company. This didn't stop her doing what she loved most - making music, and she set up her own record label "Red Girl Records" and in April 2005 released her third solo album "Beautiful Intentions". The album went on to out sell the "Reason" album and had considerable success in Europe - topping the charts in Portugal for 9 weeks and selling over 100,000 copies in Germany alone. Yet, all this time the UK press had turned it's back on each Spice Girl, so that one by one their solo efforts faded away.

Melanie's new look and new sound will indeed win over some new fans across Europe if the new track "The Moment You Believe" is anything to go by, yet this looks set to be the final album by the most talented Spice Girl. Who knows - the world may still get a "Greatest Hits" or an occasional musical appearance by Ms Chisholm. As the curtain opens for the launch of the album "This Time", it seems the door will finally close for one of Britain's most successful female artists....................................


  1. At first I thought her album would be as big as "Beautiful INtentions" but after the release of "I want Candy" vid I knew things were not ok, it's sad to see how loads of good artists fade away ubt well the world keeps changing so there's nothing we can do about it.

  2. yes, i too think this will be the last we see of her.

    i also think she's made it mellow and shit on purpose, so it is easier for her to stop!


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