Thursday, August 17, 2006

Topless Britain Disaster!

Well, Blog lovers - you may remember last month I was talking about the British heat wave (see: ) . I was hoping to have a nation of topless people during August but the weather has been a complete disaster - it's been more like late autumn than summer.
So far this month I have not had a chance to go out in the sun, cos there has hardly been any!
It's a disaster I tell you, my tan is fading and before we know it summer will be over.

I want it
I need it


  1. funny you should mention the autumn thing - as i drove down the raod today i noticed that leaves have begun to fall off the trees!

    even the flippin trees are confused

  2. I'm sat here cold!

    Maybe I should put some clothes on, but that's not the point - It's summer and I should be warm but it feels so bloody cold!

  3. Today it was over 30 degrees here. Mwahaha

  4. Bugger!

    I'm moving to your place Tommy........... if everyone goes topless.


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