Friday, August 04, 2006

If you go down to the woods today.......

A rather interesting story appeared in my local paper this week about strange sex acts going on in a rural woodland area. Now I must point out that I've NEVER been to Crackley Woods, so wash your mouth out with soap as you read this story:

"AN Evening Telegraph reporter who went to Crackley Woods yesterday had a
shocking experience.
Cars are parked near to the woods all day and night and
residents say they see the same vehicles regularly.
Our staff went to the
scene early yesterday afternoon.
There they found a number of men in their
30s and 40s parked by the woods on a road which is close to a footpath used by
They approached several cars and were shocked to find a man
performing an indecent act.

He showed no sign of remorse and said he did not believe there was any
problem in what he was doing.
Reporter Sam Webb said: "I was stunned at this
man's brazen behaviour.
"It was two in the afternoon and broad daylight.
"Anyone could have driven or walked past and been confronted with this
frankly disgusting scene."
Some other men who were approached sitting
in their cars said they had stopped for lunch, although none appeared to have
any food with them.
Another who was walking out of the woods said he had had
a toilet break."

The sight must have been quite funny - all these men in the layby yet most claiming just to be there for lunch, but no food in sight. I've got my own theory.....................................


  1. Wow that's really interesting and kinda weird at the same time, maybe landscapes motivate those men :P

  2. "i've never been to Crackley woods" foot!


    What are you implying?

    I was having my lunch at the time .................. yes, I know there were no sandwiches on my lap when the police arrived but my passenger had lost their contact lens on my seat.........


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