Wednesday, August 09, 2006

European Athletic Championships - pictures

1.Ukraine's Dmytro Glushchenko races Briton Marlon Devonish who triumphs in the men's 200m heats with a season best.
2.Briton Rhys Williams wins his 400m hurdles semi-final.
3.Great Britain's Greg Rutherford picks up silver with his last jump.
4.Dwain Chambers, back after a two-year ban for drug abuse, eases to victory in his first-round heat of the men's 100m.

It wouldn't be summer without men running around a stadium in nothing more than lycra and their pride showing off too the world.
Here are four of the best pictures I found on the BBC website! Enjoy.


  1. Wow! that must've been an incredible championship, loads of men running in lycra :P that sound good.

  2. LOL,
    Thought you might like that Charles!

  3. Oh I LOVE athletics, did you know I did athletics for 5 years?

    Also seeing men running in tight lycra and watching the movement "there" isn't bad :P

  4. No ,i didn't know that Tommy.What distance did you do?

    I was watching EuroSport and they had it in slow motion!!

  5. I did longer distances (800m, 1500m, 3000m) and I sucked at it so I decided to tell everyone that I did it just as a hobby.

  6. I bet you weren't that bad really. Least it's a healthy hobby.

    I'm better at long distance than short...............


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