Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Customer Service

I did do a post the other day but managed to delete it so here goes again.............
Good Customer Service:
I took my little Rover 25 for it's service as it approaches it's 4th birthday. The guy who did it worked for Rover 22 years, before they went bankrupt - so at least he knew what he was doing.
Well - not only did he explain everything to me, he took it for its MOT and washed my car. The good news was - it was even cheaper than when I got it done about 21 months ago.
It's so refreshing to get really GOOD customer service.
I tipped and then bought a thank you card and tipped again cos I was so impressed - and I'm normally tight!
Bad Customer Service:
Life has a funny way of balancing things out, and by the end of the day my shopping trip to Morrisons supermarket had done just that.
The guy that served me at the till didn't greet or offer help or pack my frozen items, plus his attitude was like he clearly didn't want to be there. On top of that he let my jars roll down the checkout but didn't pass the shopping I couldn't reach.
Sounds petty but manners cost nothing.

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  1. It's nice to hear your story about the Rover guy, I would have done the same :) and about that guy who served you at the supermarket well poor him 'cos he doesn't like his job which is something that he has to do daily!


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