Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I love Music!

I love music!

Lots of great singles out in the UK charts and on the music channels at the moment, I'm loving it!
It was good to finally get out on Saturday and shake my ass on the dance floor, ok so I fell over and grazed my arm, and yes I was very drunk so probably danced like a fool - but I had fun. Music makes me feel good, so long may it continue..........


  1. music is one of the best things eve...unless it automatically plays on a blog!

  2. Yeah , I think I'm gonna make September music free on the Blog!

  3. Yeah music is wicked, vtw I love Sandi Thom's album! and "I wish I was a punk rocker.." is an amazing track. I love it.

  4. I love the lyrics - simple yet so so true. Lide was so much simpler then!

  5. Yeah that's true, but it's also good because otherwise without internet I wouldn't be able to talk with you mate!


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