Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cost of Living

You might remember an earlier Blog post about the number of new people who have chosen to live in the UK recently. I know for many non-UK people, it seems like a dream to come and live here. I love the UK but it's worth considering the COST of living here.....................

  • I earn LESS now than I did 3 years ago because overtime has dried up.
  • The consumer group Energywatch estimates that in the past three years, average household energy prices have doubled from £500 or so to almost £1,000.
  • Council Tax in 2006-7 increased by 4.5% for the average house to £1,268 per year.
  • Petrol has gone up from about 75 pence a litre in March 2004 to almost £1 today, a rise of some 33%.
  • Mortgages: Back in 1996, a typical mortgage was for about £60,000. Today, that sum is closer to £150,000. Back in 1996, the income to house price ratio was 2.85. This means a house would cost 2.85 times an average income. Today, it is about six times average income.
  • Food Prices in June 2006 rose by 2.5%, while unprocessed food prices have risen by 3.5% in the three months to June this year alone.
  • University Fees can be up to a maximum of £3,000 a year, depending on the university, the course and where in the UK they study.

Still look so good living in the UK?


  1. It pisses me off. I get paid a decent wage for a 24yr old; yet the amount of money I actually get to play with eah month is pathetic coz it all ets eaten up.

    Damn. Maybe I should live in a cheap-skate city such as Coventry?

  2. No need - you live in Birmingham already!
    You only get our rejects, including ex football players.

    I wonder what the hell you spend all your money on - I think trips to Liverpool on mazes or Madonna tickets are eating up your cash.

    I think you should let me look after your cash.

    I've been told I'm quite a banker!


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