Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melanie C Gig

Melanie C is doing a "secret" gig in London on Thursday (31st) as reported in my last Blog posting. It's going to be at a secret location and it is being recorded for a new DVD to be released later in the year.

Some UK people have scoffed, thinking that Ms Chisholm had stopped doing music. It's just as well all that is printed in the papers isn't true. Melanie has been enjoying success in other European countries instead, including a number 1 in Germany.

Good news for me is - I'm going to the gig. Thanks to my Melly friends Ben and Ryan who made sure I'd be able to see my favourite female artist. I also got a winning email on Friday which totally confirmed to me I should be there, even if I have work a few hours later............


  1. OMG! that's amazing I wish I could be there. I love "Beautiful Intentions". Lucky you! hope u can get some media to share :)

  2. I can't wait to go!
    Should be fun seeing all my forum friends.
    Might just have to wait until the DVD comes out to get the media I want.

  3. *feels the love*

    have you had a look oon the website of the venue? it's proper lush!

  4. Yeah checked it out! Looks very lush and arty.
    Finally got the email - it didnt arrive til 01:03am apparently.


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