Friday, August 11, 2006

English Teens Don't Use Condoms!

A new study is revealing that sexually active teens are not using condoms correctly and risking unwanted pregnancies or infections.
About half of the 1,400 students surveyed at 21 schools across England had lost their virginity. 373 of those used protection on the last time they had sex, and six percent applied it after initial penetration.
About 322 of the 714 diary entries described sexual activity and encounters where a condom has not been used. Professor Roger Ingham, whose findings are published online by the journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections, said it was worrying so many young people don't use condoms correctly.
He said: "Imperfect condom use practices are found to be fairly prevalent among young people in England with one in three diary respondents reporting at least one experience of non-optimal use over a period of up to six months.
"If we are to see a reduction in sexually transmitted infection prevalence it is essential young people understand the importance of using condoms consistently and correctly and are also equipped with the skills and knowledge to do so."

Now, when I first saw the headline, I thought "how stupid, even an idiot knows how to put a condom on" but when you read the story as reported on:
It becomes clearer that Teens in England just don't use condoms. Which is rather worrying when you think of what can happen when a condom is not used.

Just in case your unsure how to put a condom on correctly visit this website:

Play a really funny condom game here:


  1. LMAO - I got 220 points!

    That's a good site actually. Teaching Sex Education is always a joy to Yr10 and I alike. Every year I get comments rom the kids about how I have put them off sex for lie (oh, it's the Catholic way!) I have to go through 21 STIs with them and they ask millions of questions, which is good I guess, now that I've read that report.

    I might refer them to this website next year.

  2. I actually thought of you when I saw this story!

    The game is a bit of fun, in an educational way.
    Sadly I kept trying to cum on the wall for a bit of fun. I liked having babies LOL

  3. Nice job, Robbie! Congratulations!

  4. I think it's stupid to use a condom without knowing how to put it on, but well I just hope to do it the right way whenn my time comes.


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