Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Naomi Awards 2006

Naomi Awards 2006:

Taking their name from Naomi Campbell's short-lived music career, the Naomi Awards name and shame "those artists who have made truly awful music". Here are this years winners (or losers depending how you view it!):

Worst British Female Solo Artist: Lisa Scott-Lee
Worst British Single: Lisa Scott-Lee
Worst Pop Act: Lisa Scott-Lee

Worst International Album: Westlife
Worst International Group: Westlife
Outstandling Bad Contibution To Music: Westlife

Worst British Album: Steve Brookstein
Worst British Male Solo Artist: Lee Ryan
Worst International Female Solo Artist : Jessica Simpson
Worst Live Act: Babyshambles
Worst Attept At Rock: Son of Dork
Worst International Male Solo Artist: Jack Johnson
Worst International Breakthrough Artist : Pussycat Dolls

1 comment:

  1. Ohh those awards are kinda mean! :P tbh I like Lisa Scott-Lee's music as well as Westlife's I know Lisa is not the best singer ever but hey it's pop!


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