Friday, August 04, 2006

Face of Boy George

It's amazing what a few years can do to a person's appearance. Boy George - mega star of the 80's has long since fallen from grace and has now been reduced to picking up litter in New York.
This was his punishment for having cocaine in his NY apartment.

Maybe a diet would have been a better choice............


  1. As u say it's amazing, a few day ago I read that he was caught shaggin a lorry driver at a park.. poor man he really need company!

  2. ooooh - frightening

    even today, he is on TV with make-up all over his head; now we know why :S

  3. OmG, Robbie, what these foolish guys do to themselves is almost unbelievable...
    The guy is definitely younger than I, and yet he now looks as if he were my father...
    What do they - Boy George, George Michael - have inside their skulls? :-)


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