Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spice Girls Reunion?

Another weekend and another set of "Spice Girl Reunion" stories, as Take That reign supreme in the UK album and singles chart. A live "Audience with Take That" had Melanie C as part of the celebrity audience and she was asked when the Spice Girls would be reforming, to which the crowd gave a loud cheer. It seems the British public could finally be mellowing to the thought of a Spice Girls return.

A year ago no-one would have predicted that Take That would be doing as well as they are, so could we see the same for the Spice Girls? They are rumoured to be in talks about being part of a concert in memory of Princess Diana.

Read the full story here:


  1. WOW that would be amazing, I don't agree with Mel C when she says that the girls could reunite just 'cos Take That are having success but after all if they do it because of that reason I'd be happy anyway.

  2. I don't think Melanie or any of the girls would reform just because of Take That.


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