Saturday, December 02, 2006

MySpace: Identity Theft!

I was just browsing on Emma Bunton's MySpace, and as you do, drifted of from one click to another................ so I tried looking for myself, to see if my net name was available. Well, surprise surprise - some bugger had not only "stolen" the "robmacca" name - they had nicked my picture (as seen above) and the profile itself below:

It did make me laugh where it said: "Another 22 yrs Old Profile Who Is Private.HAHA" then add on the "users" age of 14 = 36 (my age last year). So whoever set it up sure knows me - bless!

Just as well I don't like MySpace, I just hope they haven't been sending messages to anyone in my name. I've also moved to Pomona, NEW JERSEY United States - so it's not all bad!


  1. Ohh lol that's weird, the only good thing about this is that if it was true you would live near me (U.S.) and I could visit you easily.

  2. ingenious! damn...i wish i could say it was me.

    i can't even add 'you' as a friend

  3. I might get around to MySpace properly one day but I get distracted even more than I already do!


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