Thursday, December 14, 2006

Victoria Beckham - Random Picture!

I'd never seen this random picture of Victoria Beckham before, until a google search had me stumbling upon and then before I knew it, I was looking through random pictures. Stunning outfit and looking as sexy as ever.
Well, it's a busy time of year as the post gets really busy so I've less time to surf the net and catch up on gossip - but I'll try and keep you all updated over the final days of 2006.
Oh dentists for me tomorrow - joy!


  1. Hi Hunny
    Just dropping by to say hello - I wish you would put an option on the music to silence it!! As much as I like Christmas - that tune is f.... desperate!

    Have a great weekend and Christmas - it's times like this I miss Cov (booo hoooo).......

    Leone xx

  2. Hello Leone,

    Thanks for stopping by, it's really good to see you back blogging such yummy stuff.
    It's a pity your not "home" for the holidays because I'd make sure we went out for a drink!

    Coventry is looking really festive at the moment with giant inflatable Santa's and lights galore.

    As for the music on the blog,the best thing to do is press the "X" at the top of your screen and it stops ;-)

    Have a great festive season.

  3. I love this pic,I think Victoria looks amazing and her dress is unique! Deffo something I'd wear if I was a woman :P :P

  4. I have no 'x' at the top of my screen and now have to exit quickly before this cheesy shit drives me insane.......ha ha ....but true!!

  5. Oh!

    I'll spare you any more music for the rest of 2006!

    *your best pressing "stop" on the audio player in the "robmacca gets festive" post.


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