Friday, December 08, 2006

Scary Bites Back

Scary Spice, Melanie Brown is back and ready to strike out after Eddie Murphy very publically showed they had split, then denied he could be the father on dutch TV, as this blog has been reporting all week.

It's not only the press who have been in a frenzy about the story, but Mel B is said to be "furious" at the way Eddie made it public. The drama unfolded yesterday as photographers started a fight as Melanie was leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant. The paparazzi scrap was caught on video by and can be seen here:

(or visit: )

Meanwhile the newspapers are full of stories that Melanie is prepared to bite back and is set to "take Eddie to the cleaners".

The Sun says that Melanie: "spent yesterday in Los Angeles locked in meetings with top Hollywood lawyers to decide who is best to represent her." She is reported to have told a friend:

"He's going to get a shock if he thinks I'm taking this kind of treatment lying down.
He's a cheating, lying scumbag - he's the father of my baby and he knows it."

The Mirror took a different angle with the headline "I'm Beyond Gutted" and a story that supposes Mel only found out when friends text her phone as she flew back to the US this week after a wedding in the UK at the weekend. A friend is quoted as saying:

"Mel's beyond gutted. She was set to marry this guy and now he's knocked the wind out of her."

On the net MSN News it is reported that Melanie's publicist, Nadine Bibi gave a statement on her behalf saying:

"There is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father."

The drama continues to unfold with new twists each day, we'll keep you up to date as news arrives.

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  1. This is really serious in my opinion; I'm glad Mel's acting in this way I'm still shocked at the way Eddie is handling things I always thought he was a nice man :S


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