Sunday, December 10, 2006

Was Melanie Brown Cheating?

Mel and another mystery man

A while back robmacca reported how Melanie Brown (Mel B) was spotted arm in arm during a weekend out in London. Now the News of the World is reporting that Melanie was dumped by Eddie Murphy because he found out she went on a "date" while in LA last month.

Apparently, Eddie hired a team of detectives to tag Melanie. They then handed him a dossier showing Mel had been on secret date. Melanie hit back by saying:

"It just goes to show how desperate Eddie has got. I may have met another man for entirely innocent purposes, but I was always faithful to Eddie. He is the father of my baby and he knows it".

How true any of this story is, remains an unsolved case that even Sherlock Holmes might have trouble solving!

1 comment:

  1. This is so confusing, tbh I think both of them are getting what they deserve . We'll never know what happened exactly.


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