Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spice Girls Support Mel B

The Spice Girls have been showing support for troubled Melanie Brown as she comes to term with bringing her child into the world - outside of a relationship with Eddie Murphy. It had been reported that Victoria Beckham had been on the phone to the other Spice Girls in a bid to give some much needed support to former band mate Mel B.

According to the Daily Express, a friend of Geri's quoted as saying: "The fact that Geri was in a similar position to Mel, with an acrimonious relationship with the father of her child, is an instant bond."
"Geri feels she understands what Mel is going through. Mel has told Geri she felt scared and humiliated."

Despite being band mates for several years, the two didn't always get along but now they've decided to put their differences behind them.
The source added: "Geri believes this is the time to be kind and supportive not to remember past conflicts."

Melanie is wasting no time in sorting out the future for her unborn child - she is reported to have hired $500 an hour for the US top lawyer Don Engel. Melanie is determined to prove the baby is Eddie's after he sensationally dumped her and made a shock TV interview announcement concerning the birth of the child.

A friend of Melanie told The Mirror: "Mel is refusing to lie down and let Eddie walk all over her – and this is reflected in her choice of lawyer"

It is believed that Mel may be able to rinse Eddie for as much as $15million in lifelong payments for their child. It looks like Melanie Brown will need the support of her former band mates as things could turn scary in the courtroom.


  1. awwww....Geri showing Melanie how to do it; bet she loves it!


    hope you're doing good x

  2. I think that's really nice, at first I thought Mel wouldn't care 'cos I know about a lot of famous people who don't care about giving birth to a baby with no father but well I suppose Mel's not that kinda woman.


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